A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake


Okay, so I’ve said before I’m not too much of a horror fan, especially when it comes to slasher films, but I’ve always liked the original Wes Craven classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. I always thought it was a masterpiece of its kind. It had a flair and style to it that horror movies were lacking at the time, and lack to this day. The idea of being killed in your dreams, the one place where a person should be able to relax and feel safe, was a pretty powerful idea.

But of course all of the forgettable sequels that followed kind of tarnished the film for me. So now they have a remake, which is pretty freaking inevitable these days, coming out soon. The remake, however, is promising to make some big changes to the franchise and things the audience knows. The trailer, as well as several reviesws out there for the script, suggest that Freddy Krueger may not always have been a supernatural serial killer. The film also changes Freddy’s makeup to look like a more realistic burn victim. I’m fine with that, because a little added realism goes a long way. Another reason I’m not entirely against this remake (yet, anyway) is because Jackie Earle Haley is playing Freddy. Haley is best known for playing Rorschach in last year’s Watchmen, which I was a big fan of. It remains to be seen whether or not the film will even come close to being as good as the original, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

If you want to pick up the original series, you can do so here! Granted, maybe only 3 of the movies in this set are worth watching, but it’ll save you the time and energy of hunting those three down.

The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

Clerks 2 DVD


I have just recently watched the first Clerks film, the debut of director Kevin Smith. It’s kind of a miniature right of passage for an aspiring filmmaker, slacker, or popculture junkie to see the film, and I happen to fall into all three of those categories. I had felt that cutting off the View Askewniverse with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was sort of a flat way to end it. After all, as much as I like those characters, I felt that it was the wrong way to go out. So now we have the story of Dante and Randall in their thirties, and how has the situation changed?

Well, not a whole lot as it turns out. Randall has accidentally burned down the Quik Stop and video store so now they are forced to work in a fast food store with Becky, played by Rosario Dawson, and a sheltered 19 year old named Elias. Dante (still played by Brian O’Halloran) is about to marry a girl he only vaguely likes and leave for Florida, which Randall (still played by Jeff Anderson) isn’t too happy about. The film spans a whole day in their lives, just like the first film did, and shows exactly what happens when a person hasn’t done anything with their lives.

I felt like this movie was great. This was exactly what a sequel should do. It genuinely had something to say. I felt that this was a prime example of how a sequel should be made, and why sequels like Spider-Man 3 fall short. The stories just don’t make sense. There was no need for a third film if there wasn’t really anything that needed to be said. It just made sense for Clerks 2 to happen because fans genuinely wondered what would have happened after the first film when Dante declares he’ll take charge of his life. And of course we find he hasn’t. And Randall’s just as funny as he ever was. I was surprised that the character of Becky didn’t seem thrown in. The minute she comes on screen, you feel like you know the character already. It felt good to see Jay and Silent Bob be background characters again, too. Although you see a little too much of Jay in one scene (just watch the movie). And the donkey show scene was easily the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in my life, but it was still funny.

The DVD is great, with nearly six hours of extra features, and a very in depth making of feature that was entertaining. I completely recommend the movie to fans of Smith’s previous works, and to the newcomers: Go see the first, then Clerks 2.

If you want to pick it up on DVD, which I heavily recommend you do, you can do so here!

Clerks II (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)

Clerks II [Blu-ray]

American Movie


Mark Borchardt is a man whose reputation is very murky. Some people consider him to be a talented and driven man whose ambitions are hindered by lack of money. Other people consider him to be a walking joke, with dreams that he does not have the talent or knowledge to fulfill. The film American Movie somehow successfully leads it up to the audience to make up their own minds about him. I for one was both inspired by and embarrassed for Borchardt. He seems to have a good cinematic eye, but his writing just isn’t there. Throw in the fact that the people he chooses to work with are either unenthusiastic, pretentious, or just unreliable, and it’s also understandable why he’s still in the same place he started. Borchardt expresses a laziness in his work, while at the same time talks passionately about film. It is still unknown if he’ll ever make anything of himself, and American Movie offers no answers either way. It is a film that should be seen by anyone who wishes to be a filmmaker.

American Movie