Trick r Treat Review


So remember way back when I did that blog to hype Trick r Treat? Well I finally saw it myself, and here’s what I thought. It was definitely more fun than Paranormal Activity, lol. In all seriousness it was a very very fun movie to watch. It kind of loses its effect if not watched with friends, and I definitely believe it would have been fantastic in theatres. There are too many plotlines for me to talk about, but I will say that the plot of the movie is very well done, especially for tying four stories together for one complete narrative. I especially love the way it ties in some of the stories of Halloween’s origins and how some of the most well known aspects of Halloween come from other cultures. the acting is also great. Of special note is Dylan Baker, who does an excellent job as a principal/serial killer, as he gets some of the best lines in the movie. It should also be kept in mind that this movie is very much a dark comedy as opposed to straight up horror, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wholeheartedly reccomend this to horror fans, especially those of classic films such as John Carpenter’s Halloween. If you want to pick it up, you can do so here! Remember, it’s everyone who buys something that helps keep this website up and running!

The Wolfman


One of my all time favorite horror films is the classic movie The Wolfman, starring Lon Chaney Jr. That film just had a magical air about it that made it timeless. Well, as with a lot of old movies, the Wolfman is being remade. But after watching the trailer, you can tell that this isn’t some half-hearted rehash. You can seriously tell that there has been a lot of effort put into expanding the film, and I honestly think it has potential to be one of the few remakes that is as good as its original. It also has some of my favorite actors, including Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving, and it stars Benicio Del Toro as the Wolfman.

If you have never seen the original film, then you can buy it right here! Remember, anything you buy helps keep this site on the web so I can keep bringing you movie news and reviews!

Ferrell to go serious again?


I was amazed when I saw the 2006 film Stranger Than Fiction. Not only was it funny, and not only did it have an amusing story, but it featured something I never thought I would see in a movie. Will Ferrell. ACTING. Not only that, but acting well! For the first time ever I actually cared about a character Will Ferrell played. And now the rumor has it that Ferrell will be giving this type of acting another shot in his upcoming film Everything Must Go. It has a simple enough story. A man is thrown out by his wife, along with all of his possessions, and he must now sell them all in a yard sale in order to get somewhere. While this could also take the usual slapstick approach for Ferrell, many think that this story could yield a more straight faced approach. This could very well be the thing that Ferrell’s career needs, after some of his recent movies, such as Semi-Pro and Land of the Lost, did not fare very well at the box office. If his acting ability in Stranger Than Fiction is any indication, then we could see some good things come about.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Than Fiction, but would like to see real proof that Ferrell can act, then pick it up here! Remember, it’s everyone who buys from here that keeps this site going!