Transformers 3 Rumors


I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, mainly because not much has to be reported here. First of all, gotta go ahead and squash some rumors about the villain. So far nobody except the writers know who the villain is, so for all the fans who are yelling for Unicron, hold yer horses because that was just an idea hinted by a producer. All he said was that it would be cool if they could use Unicron. Second of all, despite the reports of bad blood between Megan Fox and Michael Bay, Bay has assured audiences that Fox will indeed be in the third film and not be killed off. Whether you hate Megan Fox and find this to be terrible news or if you love her and are glad for it, this is definitely going to spark some heated debate that I won’t even be taking part in. Another rumor is one that’s been fought off since day one, even though I’d love this as much as the next fan, the Dinobots will NOT be in the third one as Bay can’t find a way to work them in. Come on, Bay. You were able to work in every sort of infantile joke under the sun. I’m sure you can put robots that transform into dinosaurs in your movie about robots that turn into cars.

So yeah, for now, that’s all we’ve got on the Transformers train for now. If you’d like to pick up the first two movies, you can do so here. Remember, it’s buying things that keeps this site going!

Clash of the Titans


Everybody knows that the 1980s movie, by special effects genius-of-his-time Roy Harryhausen isn’t that great. The effects were a bit dated, the acting sucked, and it basically looked liked a Greek version of the Flash Gordon movie (another movie which I’ll be talking about in a later post). But, from the pit of bad movie Hades (pun intended, sorry) comes a remake. That’s right, somebody dug up the old movie and put in a bit of grime, gore, and excellence into a remake that will most definitely, even if it sucks, be better than it’s predecessor. First of all, it’s directed by Louis Leterrier, the guy who brought us the Incredible Hulk last year. So you can probably imagine how awesome this one’s going to be. It features Sam Worthington as Perseus, “born of a god, raised as a man” (I don’t wanna hear any crap of how they’re messing with mythology. It’s mythology for a reason) who is trying to prevent a war between Zeus (played by Liam Neeson, which is awesome as crap) and Hades (played by Ralph Fiennes, which is also awesome as crap). So yeah, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of Titans are involved, but come on, we’ve got a while ahead of us before we start seeing anything major anyway. But, just so it lives up to it’s name, here’s a teaser for the movie.

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Uncharted 2


Every now and then a game will come along that will push boundaries and conventions found in other games and change the way gamers think about the games they play. I am extremely happy to say that Uncharted 2 is one of those experiences. The game features the return of Nathan Drake, as he goes on an expedition to stop a madman from discovering Shambhala (Shangri-La, to those not in the know).

This is a game that I can quite literally say has something for every kind of gamer. If you like the stealth of Metal Gear Solid, then you got it. If you like good free flow combat, like in Batman: Arkham Asylum, then you got it. You like to run and gun? Yup, it’s got that too. You prefer puzzle solving? This has it in spades. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you have to dig into your repertoire of various gaming skills, as this game requires you to use all of your know how to get through. But now it’s time to talk about the one thing that normally instantly break even the best of games: The camera.

The camera in this game, I can honestly say, is the best example of how to make a game feel as though you are playing a movie. Sequences of gameplay feel as though you are playing a cutscene instead of a mission. The camera is in constant motion, but unlike most games that have attempted this feat, this one not only pulls it off, but masterfully pulls it off in a way that makes you think that this is how all games should be made.

The game is also absolutely beautiful. You get all of the rich and detailed textures your eyeballs can handle, and then some. The design is wonderful, and the level maps are expecially great. This is the graphical power of the PS3 at its current personal best.

You should also know that the game has a pretty good story, with rich and witty dialogue and intriguing situations to propel the game forward. Unlike most games that have stories to propel forward the missions, it is the reverse in this case.

If you own a playstation 3, then there is no argument. This game is a MUST own. And if you don’t have a PS3, then I guarantee you that this is the game that should make you buy one.

If you want to pick it up, you can do so here! Remember, it’s you guys buying things here that keeps this blog up and running!