Christopher Nolan Collection


I am a massive fan of Christopher Nolan. In fact, he is arguably my favorite director, and I only say arguably because there are a couple other directors who could contend for that spot. But Nolan has consistently been the most satisfying director for me to follow, and as such here is a list of all his films and where you can get them. Enjoy!

Megaman Legends 3 Greenlit!!!!!!!!!


Okay, anybody that knows me knows that I regard Megaman Legends as one of the very best games that was ever put out during the PS1/N64 era. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most underrated games from that era. There was a sequel that was pretty dang good, but the music and voice acting sucked compared to the first one. Well, after TEN years, Capcom’s Keiji Inafune confirms that a third game is finally in the works and that makes me VERY happy. The thing that doesn’t make me happy, however, is that the game is only going to be released on the new Nintendo 3DS. I was hoping for at least a Playstation Network download, but if I have to pick up the 3DS, I will.

Superman Movie News


Okay, I haven’t done a post about the Superman reboot in awhile, but if you’ve paid attention to any headlines related to the flick you’ll know that 1. Christopher Nolan and David Goyer are working on the story for the new movie, but Nolan won’t be directing it. 2. The flick’s slated to be out Christmas 2012.

Now, we’ve got you mostly caught up. There’s currently a shortlist of directors out there that includes Darren Aronofsky, Tony Scott, Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves, Zack Snyder and a couple other names that I’ve honestly never heard of.

To be honest, I’m only interested in two names on the list: Duncan Jones and Matt Reeves. Duncan Jones made Moon, which was awesome, but I don’t know if he’s suited for Superman yet. Matt Reeves did Cloverfield and Let Me In, which I think shows he’s able to work with big budgets, but his resume’s kind of dark, though. As much as I know people would love Zack Snyder behind the camera, I honestly think the stylistic elements would overtake the story, and Aronofsky, as talented as he is, has never done a project remotely like Superman, and his films are, honestly, a bit too dark.

It kind of unnerves me that they’re looking at directors who are known for doing relatively dark films. Superman is not Batman, he does not need to be darkened. Superman is meant to be an uplifting and inspiring character, not dark and brooding. I hope they just pick a director who is faithful to the character and manages to make Superman cool again.