Star Trek 2: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Role Revealed???

Star Trek 2: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Role Revealed???


JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot was one of my favorite films of that year, if not my absolute favorite. Say what you will about the lens flares, but Abrams did the impossible: He made Star Trek cool. He made a Star Trek film that both nerds and non-nerds alike could watch and be okay with it. And on top of that, he was able to satisfy the hard core Trekkies by leaving their beloved continuity in tact. Since the movie was a massive success, that naturally means a sequel had to happen, and while the movie still doesn’t have an official title there have been lots of goodies in the form of leaked pictures and scene description. But the biggest question that has been looming over the production has been about just who in Star Trek 2 Benedict Cumberbatch (the BBC’s Sherlock) will be playing. While it’s been known for some time that he’ll be playing the villain, but fans have had two theories as to what character he will play. Fans have thought he would either play Khan (as in Wrath of Khan) or that he would be playing an original villain.  Well, theorize no more, because TrekMovie is reporting…….Hold on a second, I forgot to do something.




I will not tell you what happens next series in Sherlock! Stop asking!


…Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, the villain’s Khan. It’s not really all that surprising. Too many fans would have been disappointed if the villain had been anybody else. But I will say that I personally think it would have been cool for the series to invent its own villain, similar to Nero.  But this is still a cool bit of news. TrekMovie is also reporting that Leonard Nimoy will play Spock again. Whether he intends to pull a Mark Hamill and have this be his last outing as Spock is unknown, but it will definitely be a joy to see him in the ears one more time.

Top 5 Comic Book TV Series I Wish Were Real

Top 5 Comic Book TV Series I Wish Were Real

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Comic book movies are massively popular, with a majority of the blockbusters we get these days being comic book films. But the problem that a lot of comic book movies run into is the fact that comic books are a long form story medium and the only other medium that can continuously tell stories in the way that comics do is TV. While there have been shows based on comic books before, like The Walking Dead there have been very few that have caught on in the same way. So here are the top 5 comic book TV series I wish were real.



The Spirit – Will Eisner’s The Spirit is a masterpiece of comic book storytelling, showing the potential that comics have better than any other comic book I can think of. Then, of course, Frank Miller had to show up and create an illegitimate version of the Spirit for the big screen by way of his Sin City style and very nearly ruined the character. However, the Spirit is too cool of a character to keep down. Since the Spirit would be very difficult to pull off in live action, but it would be amazing as an animated show on Adult Swim. Get an animation team that can properly emulate Will Eisner’s style, get a writer who can do the dialogue and nail the tone (Neil Gaiman would be a dream) and get a great voice cast (preferably Nolan North for Denny Colt) and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

Chew – I believe this one actually is in development. The gist of it is that chew follows on an Asian American detective who has an awkward psychic ability: he can psychically learn the history of anything he eats. Needless to say, this makes enjoying any form of food easy for him. It just so happens that every now then he’s forced to nom on a corpse. The level of politically incorrectness is just ripe for an HBO series.

Sandman – Neil Gaiman’s comic series Sandman is considered one of the finest examples of comic books as art. Following Morpheus, the dream king, this could be a great, existential series that could work very well on AMC, especially since it could work with any story type, making almost a serious, more fantasy driven version of Doctor Who. You would only ever need a handful of main actors and could change out the cast as needed.

Bone – Jeff Smith’s comic book series Bone was an instant classic. This things lends itself wonderfully to the small screen, especially if it ended up on Cartoon Network. It would almost be like a more focused and epic version of Adventure Time.

Maus – Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel about his father’s experiences during World War II is the only comic to have ever won a Pulitzer Prize. Since the graphic novel chose to depict the characters as anthropomorphic animals, it would have to animated, but HBO would be the way to go with it. While a movie would be doable, to really do the story justice and tell the whole story, a mini-series would be the best way to go.

Top 5 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Top 5 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

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I’ve said it many times on this site that most video games made into movies suck. And while a lot of the movies that are made are simply the result of being ground up by the studio system, there are a few games out there that would be impossible to screw up on the big screen. I’ve given you the top 5 video game movies. Now here are the top 5 games that would make good movies.


Legend of Zelda – Nintendo has long been adamant, ever since the failed Super Mario Bros. movie, that they will not pursue making films based on their products, nor will they license their products out to become movies. But one can still dream, right? Sure, the Legend of Zelda has a protagonist whose only form of communication is that of shouts and grunts, but if you’ve seen Drive then you know that a near silent protagonist can still make for a compelling main character. Set against environments from New Zealand, and get some practical effects in there to create your creatures and base it on Ocarina of Time and you’ve got box office mojo waiting to happen.



Halo – Now this is a tricky one simply because this movie nearly got made, with District 9’s Neil Blomkamp in the director’s chair (due to his having shot several live action commercials for the game) and Peter Effin’ Jackson as the producer. The only problem was that Microsoft was very strict with their screenplay and didn’t want a studio telling them how to make their own characters come to life, especially when the studio apparently wanted Will Smith to be Master Chief and for him to, at some point, show his face. This would be a huge no no. But if you put control back in the hands of the game studio, get Jackson to produce again, and have Blomkamp direct, you’d have an action flick like no other.



Assassin’s Creed – Now this one is cheating just a little bit simply because there’s already an Assassin’s Creed
movie in the works at Sony with Ubisoft seeing to it that the movie is done their way. This is a huge deal as it means we might actually get a great movie game since the studio is cooperating and letting Ubisoft have their way. It remains to be seen whether this pans out and if the movie even makes to the screen, but if you’ve seen Kingdom of Heaven then you could easily see how a movie set in modern day and during the Crusades could be epic.


Heavy Rain – Quantic Dream’s masterpiece about a father trying to save his son from a serial killer turned a lot of heads due to its movie like qualities. Apparently Bob Shaye’s, formerly the head of New Line Cinema, head was turned too since he’s going to produce a Heavy Rain adaptation. However, there have been no other reports about the movie other than the fact that it has been retitled “Rain”. This has led some people to wonder whether the movie will be an actual adaptation or just take the core story concept and spin and entirely different movie from it. I personally think that’s the wrong way to go since the game’s story is already rich and complex. Though it would be difficult to pick an ending (of the many that you can unlock in the game), Heavy Rain is just begging for the cinematic treatment.


Uncharted – This is yet another game that had a movie deal that seems to be stuck in development hell. Uncharted‘s lush landscapes, strong writing, and great adventure style could set it up to be the new Indiana Jones. Just find a way to get the original cast from the game (or at the very least Nolan North to play Drake), and get a director who can do the adventure vibe (hey, Spielberg’s a gamer, right?) and you’ve got one juicy piece of box office.



So there you have my top 5 games that would make good movies. Sure, many of them are in development already, but they’re trapped in development hell, which means anything could happen, and more importantly it means that there is still time to get them right.