Peter Jackson Announces Third Hobbit Movie!

Peter Jackson Announces Third Hobbit Movie!


I’m extremely excited for the Hobbit, and while I am somewhat wary of the prospect of them making a third movie, this part of the announcement written by Peter  Jackson himself makes me game for it.

“We know how much of the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, the Dwarves of Erebor, the rise of the Necromancer, and the Battle of Dol Guldur will remain untold if we do not take this chance.  The richness of the story of The Hobbit, as well as some of the related material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, allows us to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous, but at all times exciting, history of Middle-earth.”

The thing is with Tolkien’s works is that he would mention something briefly in a paragraph and would then turn around and expand upon what was mentioned in that paragraph and turn it into its own epic, so in that regard they seem to have plenty of material to work with in regards to making a third film. I just hope he can pull it off and deliver something at least as good as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer!

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer!

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Here at Cotygeek we kind of like the Silent Hill movie…a lot. We liked it so much that we included it on our list of video game movies that are actually pretty good. Sure it’s not a masterpiece of filmmaking, but gosh darnnit it captures the look and feel of the games, and most Silent Hill fans will tell you it’s the look and the feel that matters most to those games.

It’s also easily one of the most faithful video game adaptations I’ve ever seen in terms of just nailing the concept and feel perfectly.  I’m kind of excited for this sequel. It looks great. Sure the story seems a bit formulaic, but for the style it’s going for it’s almost pitch perfect. I’m getting a heavy Silent Hill 3 vibe. Hopefully the movie doesn’t suck.

In fact, I hope it’s better than the first one. It’d be great to see a good sequel to a decent video game movie. I’m not a huge fan of 3D unless the film is actually shot in 3D (because post conversion is BAD) so hopefully this film delivers. Being effects heavy and given that 3D seems to be improving with each director that understands how to use it, this could be a fun trip to the movies indeed. Also, you have to LOVE that soundtrack.

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The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises Review


First and foremost everyone here at Cotygeek wants to send our heartfelt prayers and love to the victims and families of the victims of the Colorado shooting.


The Dark Knight Rises is not a perfect film. But no movie is, no matter how much people want to believe otherwise. Having said that, I found Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Dark Knight trilogy to be a perfectly satisfying film. I’m not saying it’s flawless. I’m saying that it perfectly satisfied as not only an ending but as an exceptional piece of filmmaking the likes of which I have never had the privilege to see in a movie theatre before.

It has been eight years since Commissioner Gordon and Batman decided to bury the secret of Harvey Dent’s crime spree and let Batman take the blame. Eight years since the Dent act has essentially eradicated organized crime in Gotham City. Eight years since Batman has been needed. And Eight years since Bruce lost Rachel. Bruce Wayne has become a recluse, not seen in public for years. He looks frail and has taken to walking with a cane, a result of both the fall taken at the end of The Dark Knight and his essentially giving up on life. There is no life left in Bruce’s eyes. He has all but bankrupted Wayne Enterprises trying to perfect a clean energy device only to shut down the project. When catburglar Selena Kyle sneaks into Wayne Manor disguised as a maid she steals a dusting of Bruce’s fingerprints as well as his mother’s pearls, the ones she wore the night Batman was truly born. The opportunity to solve a mystery brings Bruce almost roaring back to life. For the first time in eight years he feels purpose, and you can tell he can’t wait to put the batsuit on again.

Meanwhile Bane, a mercenary and one of the last remnants of the League of Shadows has come to Gotham to finish what Ra’s Al Ghul started: the destruction of Gotham. As Batman comes back out of the darkness to confront the conspiracy surrounding his stolen fingerprints and the pursuit of Bane we find that even Batman may not be enough to stop Bane.

Nobody phones in a performance in this film. That needs to be said first. The entire cast gives incredible performances. If I had to pick a perfomance that stood out, it has to be Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle simply because there were so many people betting against her in the role and she ended up owning it. Michael Caine is not in this film nearly as much as the others, but his short time on screen is absolutely heart breaking. Alfred is forced to watch Bruce go back into the fray knowing that he may not come back out this time. Gary Oldman is guilt incarnate in this film. He’s a shell of his former self, having been abandoned by his family by apparently being more aggressive than ever towards violent crime, somehow hoping to atone for his part in the cover up of Dent’s death.

Joseph Gordon Levitt also turns in a terrific performance as John Blake, a beat cop who has remained an optimist and an idealist despite knowing what this city has been through and could go through again. Morgan Freeman’s back and can we really say anything that hasn’t been said before? He’s phenomenal. The only real weak link in the acting is Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, but even she turns in a pretty good performance. So if the worst performance in your movie is still pretty good, you know you’ve got something great.

But the movie hinges entirely on Christian Bale’s return to the cape and cowl. He begins frail and out of shape, perhaps putting the batsuit back on too soon, just happy to have a purpose again. You see Bruce go through every range of emotion in this film, but perhaps the three most prominent ones are apathy, arrogance, and righteous determination, in that order.

Now on to Bane. Is Tom Hardy’s villain as strong in terms of character as Heath Ledger’s Joker? I say why bother comparing them? They are two drastically different types of villains. Bane is, in my opinion, far more threatening than Joker in both demeanor and as a physical threat. While Joker’s plans were masterfully orchestrated and left almost no room for error, Bane’s plans have plenty room to go wrong…they just don’t because Bane has the physical force to ensure they don’t. He is, completely honest, frightening to behold. Everything about his performance is in his eyes and voice. His eyes convey pure rage.  Oh, and by the way. You can hear him just fine.

“What do you mean you erased my score on Tetris?”

The plot of the film isn’t air tight. There’s one particularly big plot hole in the film, but if you aren’t a cynical person then you easily chalk it up as “he’s Batman” and walk out of the theater with a huge smile on the face. The other problem is that despite Nolan’s fantastic directing, the passing of time isn’t portrayed as apparently as it should have been. The story of the film -SPOILER- takes place over the span of half a year, but with no real indicator of time other than one or two passing references to how long it had been, you could have thought it was going by over a much shorter period. There’s also a plot resolution that leaves you scratching your head, but a bit of imagination and understanding that stuff can happen offscreen is plenty suspension of disbelief for it. And those are pretty much my only gripes with the movie.

Nolan shows us something with this film he hasn’t shown us in his others and it’s important: he finally understands how to shoot a proper action scene. I’m not one of those people who thinks he’s good at everything but action, but he does show less of an aptitude for action than anything else he does. Perhaps because he had to adopt the Imax format or perhaps because he felt it the only way to make sure the audience got the most out of their ticket money, Nolan has completely abandoned shaky-cam for his fight scenes. The fight scenes are intimate, but not incoherent. We can follow the punches perfectly fine. As for the rest of the action, Nolan has essentially shown Michael Bay that you can still have plenty of explosions and gunfire while still turning in a well crafted film.
Finally, let’s talk about the ending. No I’m not going to spoil it. All I can say is that, for me, it is the perfect conclusion to the Dark Knight Trilogy and has become one of the rare films to break the Part 3 Curse. Nolan has given us what I believe to be the greatest comic book movie series ever and I have no envy for the person who has to follow it up with the eventual/inevitable reboot. To borrow the endlessly used joke, this is the movie fans of this series deserve.